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Civil law

     Our company provides a wide range of representing the interests of individuals in the field of civil law.
We have years of experience in representation and protection of interests of citizens of Ukraine and foreigners in various government agencies and the courts of all instances.

Lawyers Law firm "Praves" successfully defended the interests of individuals in disputes with banks and large corporations.

Constant monitoring legislation of Ukraine and its application in practice allows professionals to our company to provide its customers with quality and comprehensive advice on all legal issues.

Our experts are ready to tackle your problem at any stage and help her find a way out of the confused situation.

Law firm "Praves" is actively involved in social projects, our lawyers are members of non-governmental organizations that provide legal assistance to citizens. Lawyers Law firm "Praves" also provide free online counseling and legal assistance to low-income citizens (with the order and conditions of a free consultation can be found on our website in the relevant section).

Representation and protection in public bodies

Our company provides representation and advocacy in government at all levels on various legal issues. To date, interaction with public authorities is an important aspect of doing business. Qualified representation in government is necessary for the task, and can save valuable time and money.

Our attorneys have years of positive experience representing clients in state tax authorities, customs authorities, the Antimonopoly Committee of Ukraine, the Commission and other state agencies in Ukraine.

The service cost is from 1000 UAH.

Representation and protection of the law enforcement agencies

Lawyers Law firm "Praves" provide representation and defense of clients in law enforcement.

We will help you to make complaints, appeals, proposals, statements, letters, etc. to law enforcement. Lawyers Law firm "Praves" will provide you with expert help from representation in government bodies that will help you to fully use the existing legislation to protect your legal rights and interests.

The service cost is from 1000 UAH.

Representation and protection of interests in courts

An important sector of law firm "Praves" is to provide services for representation in courts, government agencies and commercial organizations. Representing one of the main areas in which we can be useful and beneficial, primarily due to our experience and accumulated knowledge.
One of the advantages of our company is not only an excellent knowledge of the legislation, but also a clear understanding of its application in Ukraine. In each case, we will help you take optimal and profitable solution for you.
Multilateral experience representing all levels of the judiciary, government and private institutions and organizations allows lawyers of the law firm "Praves" to help customers at any stage of dispute resolution in achieving the goals.
To date, Ukraine has a large number of regulations, sometimes contradictory, in connection with which, before each may need a qualified answer to a particular question, representation and advocacy.
Professionalism, experience and knowledge of experts of legal firm "Praves" help find and select the most advantageous position in court and apply the correct rule of law when referring to public or private institutions and organizations.
We represent our clients in courts of general jurisdiction, economic and administrative courts, the High Commercial Court of Ukraine, the High Administrative Court of Ukraine, the High Specialized Court of Ukraine for Civil and Criminal Cases, the Supreme Court of Ukraine, the Constitutional Court of Ukraine, the European Court of Human Rights and arbitration courts.
Lawyers qualified to protect our company and protect the interests of the client in any situation.

The list of our services on the representation of interests include:

- Risk analysis and legal assessment of the situation;
- Mediation (court settlement of disputes);
- Development of legal positions, preparing legal opinions;
- Representation and defense in courts of all instances of any jurisdiction;
- Representing clients at the stage of execution of court decisions;
- Representation and protection in government (including in the tax, customs and antimonopoly committee);
- Representation in banking institutions.

The service cost is 2500 UAH. + 1000 UAH. (Judicial day)
Representation interests in the executive service
Enforcement proceedings as the final stage of the proceedings and the enforcement of other bodies (officials) - a set of actions of bodies and officials specified in the Law of Ukraine "On Enforcement Proceedings" aimed at the enforcement of court decisions and other organs (officials).

Enforcement in Ukraine relies on state executive service, which is part of the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine.

Actions Bailiffs largely depend on the knowledge and experience of the plaintiff in the procedure for enforcement. Just as during the trial proceedings in the exercise of executive party must have a reliable and qualified legal support to help maximize the use of the legislation to achieve its goals.

Execution of decisions is actually crucial stage of litigation. Lawyers and Attorneys Law firm "Praves" know how to make the process as fast and efficient.

The service cost is 2000 UAH. + %
Representation in banks
An important sector of law firm "Praves" is to provide services for representation in banking institutions. Representation in dealings with banks - is one of the main areas in which we can be helpful, primarily due to our experience and accumulated knowledge.
An important advantage of our company is not only an excellent knowledge of the law, but also a clear understanding of its application in Ukraine. In each case, we will help you take optimal cost-effective solution for the client.
We represent our clients' interests in banks for:
- Opening of the account;
- Opening of a special account for non-residents;
- Restructuring debt;
- Cancellation penalties and fines for loans;
- Return deposits and other funds;

Legal services for probate and testamentary.

The service cost is from 1000 UAH.
Legal advice and explanations
Lawyers Law firm "Praves" have the necessary knowledge, professionalism and experience that will help you understand the current legislation of Ukraine and objectively evaluate the situation.

Our lawyers constantly keep abreast of legislation of Ukraine and know how to use it, allowing us to clarify the legal position right laws and create a true sequence of actions when a complex and confusing legal situations.

Our experts provide advice in the areas of land law, labor and corporate law, banking and tax law, civil and family law, administrative and criminal law.
We carefully study your documents and legislation governing this issue, analyzes the collected information and give you an explanation.

The service cost is from 400 UAH.
Analysis and verification of contracts drawn up
Agreement - an agreement between two or more parties, aimed at the establishment, modification or termination of civil rights and obligations. The parties are free to contract, contractor selection and determination of the contract with the requirements of the legislation, business traditions, the requirements of reasonableness and fairness.

Experience and knowledge of lawyers Law firm "Praves" help legally competently draw up a contract to protect your rights and interests. All contracts developed by our company - is the key guarantor of reliability and performance agreements.

Our company also provides analysis and verification of existing contracts for the pitfalls and compliance with current legislation.

By signing the contract tested or prepared by our experts - you can be calm and confident in its security.

The service cost is from 600 UAH.
Probate, wills
Our firm offers assistance in the design heritage of any inherited property (apartment, room, house, land, garage, car, bank deposits, etc.).
We are also fully explain the provisions of the legislation of Ukraine governing the succession.
We will help define a comprehensive list of documents required in each case for probate.
We help to gather the necessary probate documents, and, in case of loss, to recover them.
We can help you recover the missed deadline for acceptance of the inheritance or establish in court the fact of inheritance.
Our firm provides a full range of legal services related to the design heritage:
• advising on heritage;
• testator;
• A heritage of the land;
• A heritage apartment building;
• probate on bank deposits and securities;
• A legacy of corporate rights of the authorized capital;
• probate intellectual property and copyright;
• A car heritage
• representation in court in matters relating to inheritance.

The service cost is from 3000 UAH.
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