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Court practice

     An important sector of law firm "Praves" is to provide services for representation in courts, government agencies and commercial organizations. Representing one of the main areas in which we can be useful and beneficial, primarily due to our experience and accumulated knowledge.
One of the advantages of our company is not only an excellent knowledge of the legislation, but also a clear understanding of its application in Ukraine. In each case, we will help you take optimal and profitable solution for you.
Multilateral experience representing all levels of the judiciary, government and private institutions and organizations allows lawyers of the law firm "Praves" to help customers at any stage of dispute resolution in achieving the goals.
To date, Ukraine has a large number of regulations, sometimes contradictory, in connection with which, before each may need a qualified answer to a particular question, representation and advocacy.
Professionalism, experience and knowledge of experts of legal firm "Praves" help find and select the most advantageous position in court and apply the correct rule of law when referring to public or private institutions and organizations.
We represent our clients in courts of general jurisdiction, economic and administrative courts, the High Commercial Court of Ukraine, the High Administrative Court of Ukraine, the High Specialized Court of Ukraine for Civil and Criminal Cases, the Supreme Court of Ukraine, the Constitutional Court of Ukraine, the European Court of Human Rights and arbitration courts.
Lawyers qualified to protect our company and protect the interests of the client in any situation.

The list of our services on the representation of interests include:

- Risk analysis and legal assessment of the situation;
- Mediation (court settlement of disputes);
- Development of legal positions, preparing legal opinions;
- Representation and defense in courts of all instances of any jurisdiction;
- Representing clients at the stage of execution of court decisions;
- Representation and protection in government (including in the tax, customs and antimonopoly committee);
- Representation in banking institutions.

Representation of interests and protection in courts of general jurisdiction

According to the Constitution of Ukraine, everyone has the right to legal assistance.
Representation - relationship in which one party (representative) is entitled or required to do a transaction on behalf of another party she represents.
Lawyers of our company will provide you professional assistance with representation in courts of general jurisdiction in the following cases:

- For the protection of moral rights.
- For the protection of property rights and the recognition of property.
- To protect intellectual property rights.
- In disputes regarding the enforcement of obligations.
- In disputes arising from the termination (cancellation) of certain types of liability and compensation of damage (damage).
in disputes arising from the breach of lease agreements, rent (lease), loans, etc.
in disputes on non-contractual obligations.
- In disputes arising from inheritance law.
- In disputes about the annulment, divorce, alimony.
- In disputes arising from property (moral) rights and responsibilities of spouses, parents and children and other family members.
- In cases of violation of housing rights (recognition of the right to use the dwelling, recognizing a person as having lost the right to use the dwelling, etc.).
- Protection of property rights to land and the right to use the land.
- The protection of labor rights (reinstatement of illegally dismissed workers and the recovery of average earnings during his forced absence, recovery of arrears of wages, compensation for moral damages for breach of labor rights, etc.).

The service cost is 2500 UAH. + 1000 UAH. (Judicial day)

Representation and defense in arbitration courts

According to the legislation Ukraine business entities (legal entities and individuals - entrepreneurs) may apply to the commercial court in case of violation of their rights.

Before any enterprise may be required to represent the interests in the commercial court. Knowledge of the economic process and experience of lawyers and lawyers of the law firm "Praves" will help protect your interests in the following categories of cases:

- The protection of undertakings against unfair competition.
- About the damages and losses caused by environmental entrepreneur and legitimate interests of entities.
- The cancellation of registration of business entity or business entity recognition bankrupt.
- The protection of property and other proprietary rights of the company.
- The damages caused by the entity violation of his property rights by legal entities and state authorities or local governments.
- The recognition of the economic contract invalid or termination of a business obligation.
- For disputes arising from contracts of transportation, communication services, outsourcing, etc.
- On disputes related to the protection of copyright and related rights or protection rights for trademarks for goods and services, or the protection of rights in inventions.
- The damages caused by an entity failure or improper performance of a business agreement.

The service cost is 2500 UAH. + 1000 UAH. (Judicial day)

Representation and defense in the administrative courts

According to the legislation Ukraine legal and natural persons may appeal to the administrative courts to protect their rights and interests in the field of public law relationship.

Lawyers of our company will provide professional assistance with representation and defense before the administrative courts in the following cases:

- The appeal of decisions (normative legal acts or acts individual actions), actions or inaction of government entity.
- On appeal decisions, actions or inaction of election commissions, commissions on referendum, members of these commissions.
- The annulment of an act of non-normative nature (for example, the tax authority of additional tax and penalties).
- Disputes arising from the public service of citizens (decision and dismissal from public service, following the public service).

The service cost is 2500 UAH. + 1000 UAH. (Judicial day)
Representing the interests of the state executive service
Enforcement proceedings as the final stage of the proceedings and the enforcement of other bodies (officials) - a set of actions of bodies and officials specified in the Law of Ukraine "On Enforcement Proceedings" aimed at the enforcement of court decisions and other organs (officials).

Enforcement in Ukraine relies on state executive service, which is part of the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine.

Actions Bailiffs largely depend on the knowledge and experience of the plaintiff in the procedure for enforcement. Just as during the trial proceedings in the exercise of executive party must have a reliable and qualified legal support to help maximize the use of the legislation to achieve its goals.

Execution of decisions is actually crucial stage of litigation. Lawyers and Attorneys Law firm "Praves" know how to make the process as fast and efficient.

The service cost is 2000 UAH. + %
Representation and protection of the public authorities
Our company provides representation and advocacy in government at all levels on various legal issues. To date, interaction with public authorities is an important aspect of doing business. Qualified representation in government can significantly help in solving tasks and save valuable time and money.

Lawyers and Attorneys Law firm "Praves" have the understanding of a number of relevant procedures, different approaches and strategies to maximize the issues in government.

Our lawyers have a positive experience in representing clients in state tax authorities, customs authorities, the Antimonopoly Committee of Ukraine, State Commission and others.

The service cost is 1000 UAH.
Representation of interests and protection of non-governmental institutions and organizations. ADR
Excellent reputation, diverse experience and skills to resolve disputes and problems on the pre-trial stage ensures clients Law firm "Praves" maximum results. We possess modern methods of interaction with non-governmental organizations and institutions such as commercial banks, credit unions, insurance companies and others. It worked so years understanding the legal nature of disputes and problems, individual approach to every problem, combined with the use of the best mechanisms to influence the opponent makes the law firm "Praves" reliable partner when referring to non-governmental agencies and organizations.

Experience and knowledge of experts Law firm "Praves" suggest that many disputes and problems can be resolved in the pretrial order. That is why multilateral knowledge of methods of dispute resolution, negotiation bad experience - one of the undoubted benefits of the law firm "Praves".

Mediation is a technology alternative dispute settlement, which is brokering the third independent of the subject of the dispute parties have sufficient knowledge and experience to solve the dispute.

Lawyers Law firm "Praves" have extensive experience in various stages of pre-trial settlement and mediation as between national and international non-governmental agencies and organizations.

The service cost is 1000 UAH.
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