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Legal service

     Law firm "Praves" provides legal consulting and outsourcing services since its inception. This type of service has always been and remains a priority in the work with clients as a comprehensive service system contributes to the resolution of the legal problems of the client.
The main advantage of the transfer address for outsourcing is to optimize the work of the personnel and for its maintenance costs. Each contract for corporate service, which is our firm with the client, unique. We understand that companies set themselves in their various production tasks and volumes of targets and we are always guided by the interests of our client, so the total monthly fee is always more profitable and more efficient than the content of the state's own lawyers.
Any business entity is faced with questions that are not related to his professional activities, and often need to solve their professional and qualified help. Law firm "Praves" - a team of professionals, which are specialists with extensive experience in various areas of legal relations, which will allow you to quickly, and most importantly at the appropriate level, to resolve all problem situations.
And most importantly - our offer is unique, as we do not limit the time a package spent on the client, or certain types of services provided. On the contrary - we offer bring us to all projects that require legal assistance.

Advantages of legal services in comparison with the work of individual staff lawyer or legal department

Corporate banking includes:

- Legal support of activity of the client;
- Provision of services for the state registration of legal entities, branches and representative offices, obtaining the necessary permits;
- Legal support of structural changes;
- Maintenance of investment projects;
- Development of internal documents;
- Carrying out due diligence;
- Participation in negotiations;
- Legal advice;
- Representation and protection of interests in courts of all levels and in all jurisdictions;

Legal service "Economy"

Providing short oral and written consultations (by e-mail, on the phone) in the current legislation, which does not require prior analysis and research, the provision of extracts from the legislation in force, the typical legal documents (applications templates, complaints, contracts, forms, orders, acts etc.). not more than 5 and 10 written consultation documents per month.

The service cost is from 1200 UAH./month

Legal service "Standard"

Providing short oral and written consultations, excerpts from the current legislation, drafting of documents, analysis of contracts and other documents related to the current customer activity. The total volume of works in the package "Lawyer" is not more than 20 written consultations and 15 documents per month.

The service cost is 3000 UAH./month

Complex legal service

Provision of legal (oral and written) consultations, examinations, excerpts from the current legislation, drafting and analysis of contracts, regulations, protocols, orders, statements, complaints, petitions and other documents relating to the current activity of the customer.
Representing the interests of the customer to third parties, public authorities and management, law enforcement and judicial authorities.

The service cost by agreement
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