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Real Estate and Construction

     Law firm "Praves" provides professional legal assistance in real estate and construction. Our experts analyze your legal situation and consider all suggestions. We always find solutions and make every effort necessary to achieve a positive result.
We provide legal support real estate transactions. This service is necessary in order to protect the financial interests of the parties to ensure the legality of the agreement, properly arrange all the documents and property transfer to the new owner as prescribed by law.
If you already had a real estate before, and in this regard you have any legal problems - you definitely need to seek help from a specialist.
Turning to us, you can expect to receive the following services:
• legal advice on all matters of alienation (purchase) of property;
• examination of title documents for real estate;
• Checking capacity of the parties to the alienation (acquisition) of immovable property;
• Checking the legal purity of the alienated object;
• preparing the necessary documents for the transaction of real estate;
• Preparation of agreement with the necessary applications and harmonize its provisions with the counterparty;
• presence at the signing of the contract;
• Preparation of documents for registration of property rights;
• Information on legal support of the agreement;
• representation in court on matters related to real estate;
• assessment of the validity and legality has concluded agreements and if necessary - to appeal them in court;
• termination of contracts of sale in court.

Legal audit

Legal (legal) audit (also known as Due Diligence) is defined as the systematic process of obtaining and evaluating objective facts audyruemoho legal component of the person who sets the level of compliance with the laws prevailing jurisprudence and business practices.

An audit conducted by our company in order to protect property owners from possible attacks on these facilities and minimize the risk of customers such objects.
Audit guarantee security of the transaction the buyer and ensure unimpeded access for future owner of its powers.
An audit includes full scan of the entire history of the property from the inception to the present day, and the credentials of the seller or buyer.
Also the legal (legal) audit our experts:
• Check all documents provided by your contractor and ask yourself the following information from public authorities to be sure of the authenticity of documents provided by the owner;
• Check with your contractor the necessary authority for the transaction, thus eliminating the possibility of future appeals;
• correct legal technicalities in your facility, increasing its attractiveness to potential buyers.

As a result of the legal (legal) audit opinion is given on a property similar to the following:

- Information on the legal opinion.
- Information about the seller.
- The legal history of the property. Historical chart possession of the property.
- Legal analysis of the legality of transactions with real estate (first, second, etc.):
- Legal analysis of the legality of the creation of the property.
- Legal analysis of the legality of ownership of the property by the Seller.
- Legal analysis of encumbrances and restrictions of use of the property.
- Summarizing the findings and analysis of the possible effects of the acquisition of the property.
- Recommendations for the acquisition of the property and reduce risks.

The service cost is from 3000 UAH.

Legal support of real estate transactions

Our lawyers will make an analysis of sales contracts, mortgage lending, leasing, guarantees, purchase of securities, including conditions and schemes of installments from developers, check rights to land, building permit, procedures and ways to buy alienated property rights to her and others.
Main services:
1) Preparation of real estate: Verification of the seller of real estate, including purchase history of such rights and disposal of real estate opportunities; Checking legal documents; Validation of real estate in the absence of encumbrances, arrests; Development schemes of the transaction; Reconciliation of essential terms of the agreement; Drafting of contracts of sale, gift, exchange of real estate, deposit agreements, preliminary contracts or other documents accompanying the agreement; Participation in negotiations to agree terms of the transaction parties.
2) Support of transactions with real estate: Support contracting procedures; Eliminating risks arising at the time of the transaction; Monitoring compliance with the conditions and settlements.
3) Registration of Rights to Real Estate: Preparation for state registration of rights to immovable property, restrictions or registration of rights to real estate; Support registration.
We provide professional and timely legal advice to ensure your security and confidence in the future.

The service cost is from 3000 UAH.
Registration of ownership
Law firm "Praves" engaged in providing comprehensive services for registration of ownership of the date of the transaction until you receive a certificate of ownership.
Our lawyers quickly and efficiently conduct all necessary registration procedures:
- Carry out a detailed legal advice on the matter;
- Help prepare and gather all the necessary documents and statements;
- We will represent your interests in all instances;
- Help to understand the complex and intricate situations and, if necessary, will accompany you in the courts and other organizations to complete registration of all necessary documents to you.
Proper and timely registration of ownership of real estate in the future will help you avoid all sorts of trouble and provide a smooth disposal of their property.
The specialists of the firm "Praves" conduct all necessary procedures for the registration of property rights, legal analysis and make a selection of relevant documents. Our experts will quickly register any properties regardless of their complexity, so you can become the full owner of the house, apartment or any other property and to receive a document confirming your ownership.

The service cost is from 2500 UAH.
Litigation Real Estate
Our lawyers provide services in litigation in the following cases:
- Disputes relating to the introduction of the completed construction of facilities;
- Invalidation of the contract of sale of immovable property on the basis of lack of powers from the seller to dispose of property;
- Recognition of the right of ownership to an unauthorized construction;
- Recognition ownership of the illegally completed (remodeled) room (bring security features made alterations and completed premises);
- Allocation of assets in kind;
- Obtaining property from illegal possession;
- Obtaining owner who lost ownership of the property by a court decision that was later reversed, the property of individuals - beneficiaries of such property;
- Establishment of good faith acquisition of property;
- Invalidation of civil contracts for which the real property in the event of non-compliance with legislation (including, in the absence of the consent of the other spouse in his opinion, in violation of the signing of the contract priority rights to purchase property in common partial ownership in the case of a contract representative in excess of its powers, etc.);
- Application consequences of the invalidity of the transaction / agreement (the return of each party in nature all she received in pursuance of the agreement / contract);
- The obligations of third parties to remove barriers to the use of property;
- Disputes arising from lease relations (collection of rent, recognition of the right to conclude a lease agreement);
- Termination, modification, extension of the term of the lease in court etc.;
- Obligations of the State Property Fund to approve the results of the competition and sign a contract of sale of the property;
- Other disputes arising from real property;
- Ensuring claim by seizure of the disputed property, prohibition to perform certain actions, establishing the obligation to perform certain actions, etc. (depending on the subject matter and jurisdiction).

The service cost is 2500 UAH. + 1000 UAH. (Judicial day)
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