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Tax law

     Law firm "Praves" provides services in the field of taxation and helping customers understand the economic, administrative and private problems they face. In providing advice in tax law, we necessarily take into account the main factors affecting the economic activity of the client, and provide recommendations that are capable of the best to meet your needs in business.
The lawyers of the law firm "Praves" with extensive experience in tax matters economic activity and interaction with tax authorities. Within our practice in the field of taxation we regularly advise in matters of payment of income tax, value added tax, tax on personal income and on other matters of taxation.
We offer a range of legal services in the field of taxation, which will help customers seamlessly understand all the intricacies of the tax legislation.
The practice of our firm to appeal the actions of tax authorities and revocation of tax notices are one of the most progressive among the legal business in Ukraine. Representation in court on appeal the actions of tax authorities entrusted us the largest national trade and industry of Ukraine. Only in 2011 we managed to achieve the lifting of sanctions in the amount of tax over 20 million.

The list of our services in the area of ​​tax law include:

- Tax planning and optimization;
- Advising the issue of double taxation;
- Consulting taxation of foreign investment;
- Advice on taxation of securities;
- Appeal against actions of tax authorities in administrative proceedings;
- Appeal against actions of tax authorities in court.

Tax consultation

Tax consultation - an analysis of tax legislation by the competent authority or a person subject to its application to the particular tax situation with the provision of advice on taxation.

Tax advice come in several forms:
1. Individual tax advice controlling tax authorities. Such consultation provided tax inspectors particular taxpayer at the place of its registration in writing, orally or electronically. Moreover, if the taxpayer acted in accordance with it provided written or electronic tax advice, and such advice does not comply with tax laws that exempt the taxpayer from liability.
2. Generalized tax advice supervisory authority. Such advice is provided by the State fiscal authorities of Ukraine and published on the official website of the service. If the taxpayer will act in accordance with such tax advice - it also will not be liable, even if in the future such consultations should be changed or abolished altogether.
3. Tax consultation counsel on tax disputes. This advice is given by lawyers involved in disputes with tax authorities. This tax advice lawyer can differ from the advice of the tax authority because the tax authority officials often give conflicting advice, which often do not coincide with the judicial practice in tax disputes. This situation is associated with an attempt to evade the tax authority official responsibility for improperly issued advice and fear job losses.
Our firm holds legal advice on tax law for individuals and legal entities.
Legal advice on taxation held in Kiev professional lawyers with experience both in advising on tax issues and experience in pre-trial and judicial tax disputes.

Our lawyers help solve the intricacies of tax laws, and conduct legal advice on issues such as:
• advising on any issues of tax legislation;
• Assessment of tax risks in transactions;
• Analysis of reorganization of companies and the creation of business structures, in terms of tax legislation;
• appeal of tax notices;
• Advice on tax disputes have arisen.

The service cost is from 800 UAH.

Tax audit

Tax audit - an independent legal check of accounting and tax accounting, compliance with financial and business operations with the legislation. Tax audit allows you to identify problematic issues in the taxation of your business and develop optimal tax strategy.

Tax audit company not only provides validation of financial performance, but also helps to avoid many risks. Our goal - identify and minimize tax risks and to prepare for these tax audits.

Audit tax includes the following steps that can be implemented on an enterprise as complex, and separately:

- Legal and tax expertise of the existing scheme of economic relations;
- Analysis of the structure and dynamics of tax liabilities;
- Optimization of income and expenses;
- Control over the correctness of determining the tax base and the use of tax rates;
- Investigation of mechanism of fiscal agent functions now;
- Definition of correctness of calculation and timely payment of taxes;
- Check the validity of the application of special tax regimes;
- Identify tax risks;
- Calculation of possible additional accruals of taxes, fines and penalties;
- Preparation of accounting records to the tax inspection;
- Construction and restoration taxation.

The service cost is from 2000 UAH.

Representation at tax audit

Tax audit brings a lot of trouble to taxpayers through tax disputes arising in the solution which can help qualified lawyer. Experts of our firm will provide legal assistance during tax audit will help in appealing actions fiscal authorities, tax solutions.
Support of tax audits in Ukraine is important for firms and companies in which the state is no relevant qualifications lawyer. Support taxpayers our experts will help you to reduce or completely eliminate the negative aspects that may arise in the course of a tax audit.

The main areas of service provision towards the support of tax audits:
- Legal advice on the procedure of tax audit;
- Consulting and coaching company employees about the behavior and actions during the tax audit;
- Presence of professional and legal support during tax audit;
- Analysis of the rule of law, legality and validity requirements for documents relating to the business enterprise tax from employees at the tax inspection;
- Interaction with tax authorities conducting tax inspection for quick problem solving;
- Pre-trial appeal of illegal actions of tax authorities and tax audit results;
- Analysis of the violations revealed during the tax audit, preparation of objections to the act of tax audit;
- Prepare an explanation for the result of the tax audit and documentation in the process of tax audit;
- Protection and representation of the company in court;
- Development and preparation of recommendations on optimization of tax and accounting.

The service cost is from 1000 UAH.
Litigation with tax
An important sector of law firm "Praves" is to provide services for representation in administrative courts in disputes relating to appeal tax notices.
One of the advantages of our company is not only an excellent knowledge of the legislation, but also a clear understanding of its application in Ukraine. In each case, we will help you take optimal and profitable solution for you.
Multilateral experience representing all levels of the judiciary, government and private institutions and organizations allows lawyers of the law firm "Praves" to help customers at any stage of dispute and achieve goals.
Our lawyers represent your interests in disputes relating to:
- Appeal and recognition of illegal tax notices;
- Recognition of illegal actions on tax inspection;
- Recognition of illegal the decision to refuse reimbursement of VAT;
- Unreasonably demanding the payment of taxes and fees;
- Lock the company's bank account;
- Failure reports.

The service cost is 2500 UAH. + 1000 UAH. (Judicial day)
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