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intellectual Property Law

     Modern trends of development and market development trade Constant innovations, zachastuyu trebuyut kvalyfytsyrovannoy yurydycheskoy aid. Practice yurydycheskoy firm "Praves" in the sphere of intellectual property allows us predostavlyat kvalyfytsyrovannыe services customers in the registration of intellectual property objects and dalnejshem s protection.
Collaboration with us pozvolyt the customers to take advantage of a number of opportunities and Benefits, kotoryya pomohut obezopasyt and protection of the right to yntellektualnuyu client property.
Neotъemlemoy chastyu nashej practice javljaetsja Registration of intellectual property, including, services related torhovыh Registration marks Pack models and inventions. Ymenno Data type of activity allows us to constantly keep our finger on the pulse and vseh Modified novshestv legislation in the sphere of intellectual property.
Specialists nashej company know to practice something such protection of intellectual property in Ukraine, and has dolhoe TIME konsultyruyut clients in question lytsenzyonnыh sohlashenyy, copy-contracts, as well as about development contracts.
Nashej client company javljajutsja veduschye enterprise in the sphere of advertising, and prodakshena kynoyndustryy. Veduschye reklamnыe agencies, Publishing, Famous authors lyteraturnыh and hudozhestvennыh proyzvedenyy us repeatedly doveryaly s interests representation in court On the issue of intellectual property protection.
We distinctly ponymaem difficulties, with kotorыmy can be stolknutsya in the industry in terms of law yntellektualnoho nestabylnoho market, as well as constantly menyayuschehosya legislation and hotovы be provided to the customers svoym High quality legal services within this field.

In the list of our services in areas yntellektualnoho rights include:
• Pravovoy audit objects of intellectual property;
• Registration, pererehystratsyya of Commerce marks poleznoy models and inventions;
• Drawing and Registration lytsenzyonnыh contracts;
• Drawing on copy contracts and contracts for Using objects of intellectual property;
• Franchising;
• Zashchita intellectual property rights in court.

Registration of a trademark

Registration Marks of Commerce (TM)

Trademark - is any system oboznachenye Or oboznachenyy enterprises Or s goods and services, vыpolnennыh definitely a graphic style. C stamps can be pomoshchju of Commerce Division of tovarы and services, proyzvodymыe one enterprise from goods and services, proyzvodymыh second participant of the market.

Zachastuyu torhovuyu brand also nazыvayut: company logo, Torgovyi sign, a sign for goods and services, эmblema company, brand company slogan.
We, Help you kachestvenno and without usylyy zarehystryrovat torhovuyu brand in Ukraine.

Registration of Commerce brand image proyzvodytsya follows:

1. neobhodimo spend Consultation with the client to detalyzatsyy problem and How Can Registration bыt proyzvedena As the territory of Ukraine, and so on the territory of Russia and Europe - are tired ponymat faktycheskyy Or planyruemыy coverage klyentskoy bazы customer. In dependence from postavlennoy WILL BE oboznachenы tasks and deadlines for tsennы nashej services company. Also in the Consultation neobhodimo vыyasnyt Or planyruemыy the full range of services, kotoryya WILL BE predostavlyatsya pod of the public zarehystryrovannoy markoy of Commerce, Data tozhe These vlyyayut on konechnuyu The cost of services.

2. To order not teryat Time and Money There Ability to conduct predvarytelnыy of Commerce Search a brand bazeilles data Ukrpatent. C pomoshchju a Search poluchena Detailed information will be kasatelno lyubыh Or ydentychnыh similar forms of Commerce Registration mark. We uznaem Also, Kaki Classes (kazhdaya trademark podrazumevaet soboj obschnost services in Classes vыdelennыh legislator) svobodny for registration.

3. Preparation and submission of the application. At this stages neobhodimo Get the info for oformlenyya application for the registration of marks of Commerce and doverennost on representation of interests in hosudarstvennыh bodies of Ukraine. According to legislation of Ukraine Registration of Commerce, took one hour mark.

Legislation also predusmotreno uskorenye protsedurы of Commerce Registration mark in Tacoma sluchae Registration happening in 3-4 months. But This can accurately proschytat Only after obtaining vsey neobhodymoy info of Commerce Marche.

The service cost is from 3000 UAH.

Registration of a utility model and invention

The invention (utility model) - the result of human intellectual activity in the field of technology and industry, the ownership of which is realized in Ukraine and is regulated by the Civil Code of Ukraine and the Law of Ukraine "On Protection of Rights to Inventions and Utility Models". The acquisition of the intellectual property rights for an invention (utility model) is confirmed by the patent. The right to obtain a patent is the inventor and others who have acquired the right to an invention (utility model) in accordance with the contract or the law.
The patent owner has a number of advantages, which are protected by law a package of rights, such as the right to use the invention in its sole discretion, the right to authorize the use of the invention on the basis of the license agreement, the right to prohibit the misuse of the invention.
To obtain a patent for an invention (utility model) in Ukraine you have to execute and apply for his extradition to the State Department of Intellectual Property, which receives, considers and examines applications filed. In the design and supply of such application will help you to our lawyers.

Requirements for the preparation and execution of application materials, the application determined by the law of Ukraine "On Protection of Rights to Inventions and Utility Models", as well as the rules for and the application for an invention and utility model applications, as approved by the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine № 22 from 22.01.2001, registered in the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine № 173/5364 from 27.02.2001 year.

Foreign legal entities and citizens residing or having a permanent residence outside Ukraine exercise their rights through a representative. An application for an invention (utility model) shall relate to one invention or to a group united by a single inventive concept.

For its preparation and subsequent registration, you must provide us with the following information:

• Detailed description of the invention (utility model);
• formula or a way to create an invention (utility model);
• drawings, if they have a reference in the description.

After making the application, all the necessary documents and fees for the registration of a utility model or invention will be filed by our lawyers as appropriate, in the terms established by law.

Patent of Ukraine for invention (utility model) is provided to the Customer according to the results of the qualifying examination of an application for an invention, which is set in the process of matching the conditions of patentability of the invention, namely:

- The novelty;
- Inventive step;
- Industrial Applicability.

Issuance of the patent is carried out within one month after its state registration. Term and mechanism of payment of the fee for activities related to the protection of rights for the invention and utility model, as well as their sizes are established the order of payment of fees for an act relating to the protection of the rights of intellectual property, approved by the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine of 23 December 2004 № 1716.

Taking into account the duration of the registration of objects of intellectual rights, our company is ready to provide services to accounting deadlines for submission of the required documents and payment of fees for activities relating to the protection of rights to objects

The service cost is from 3000 UAH.

Drawing up and registration of license agreements

In our time to success on the domestic and foreign technology market, products or services necessary to the effective development, which is impossible without the participation of trade rules on intellectual property.

Trade scientific and technical achievements, inventions, know-how, industrial designs and trade marks can take place in all spheres of activity of the enterprise, regardless of its species.

One of the varieties of partial transfer of trademark rights, the invention (utility model), industrial design, and so on. N. Is the granting of permission recorded in the Patent Office licensing, which gives the right to use such intellectual property.

Depending on the volume of rights granted exclusive or non-exclusive license is the most commonly used.

Non-exclusive license grants the licensee the right to use the license subject to certain conditions, in a certain territory and for a specified period. In this case, the licensor (the seller) reserves the right to use the subject of license and present it to others.

Exclusive license - grants the licensee the right to sole use of licenses subject to specified conditions, area and timing. At the same time, on a specified territory, the licensor (seller) has the right to use the subject of the license and make it available to others for a specified period by the parties.
When contacting the law firm "Praves", we guarantee to provide the necessary range of services for the drawing up of the license agreement, namely:

Consultation in accordance with the terms of the purchase / sale or use of intellectual property rights in the planning of your business;
Advice on licensing agreements, the development of the transfer of rights to industrial property treaties and the registration of contracts to the competent authorities;
Consultation and preparation of additional agreements to improve the efficiency of the activities of your company, which is based on the provisions of the license agreement.

In business practice, often mixed with a license contract agreements engineering, leasing, etc. Therefore, we draw your attention to the fact that in such mixed agreements is possible omission of important provisions of the license agreement, such as: rights of the parties to the sale of products in third countries, the types and amounts of payments, which are replaced by the terms of the financial liabilities. Or vice versa - under other legal relations parties understand the license agreement.

The service cost is from 2000 UAH.
Compilation copyright agreements
The use of the author of other persons on the basis of author's contract, except in cases specified by law. Contract form ensures the implementation of the use of the product and protect the personal and property rights of the author. It meets the interests of the users, as they get certain rights, which have no other persons, and therefore can recoup their costs of reproduction and distribution of works, and to receive income.

The most common types of agreements on the use of the works are as follows:
copyrights order contract;
publishing contract - for the publication or republication of the works in the original;
Staged - the agreement on the public performance of unpublished works;
scenario - about the use of unpublished works in film or television movie;
contract artistic order - the creation of works of art with a view to public display;
agreement on the publication of works in translation, in the processing;
copyright agreement on the creation and transmission of computer programs.

The author's contract order is the creation of a specific product, in which the author undertakes to create a work in accordance with the terms of the contract and send it to the customer. At the expense of the contingent consideration contract the customer is obliged to pay the author an advance. The size and terms of payment are determined by agreement between the parties. The party has not performed or performed improperly its obligations must compensate the injured party caused damages, including lost profits. In the case of the author's deviations from the requirements contained in the agreement, the customer works has the right to demand appropriate improvements.

The practice of the law firm "Praves" in the field of negotiation and conclusion of a contract is dynamically developing. We have repeatedly represented the interests of negotiating and contracting of leading national and foreign companies working in the field of intellectual property.

The service cost is from 2000 UAH.
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