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Labor law

     Labour law - independent normalized separate system of interrelated legal norms regulating social and labor and related public relations work organization on the right to work and the use of employees in enterprises of different ownership forms, with a combination of social, collective and personal interests of their subjects.

In the sphere of competence of our staff includes the following services in the field of labor law:
- An audit of personnel;
- Development of employment agreements (contracts);
- Representation of the parties in resolving labor disputes (conflicts)
- Development of collective agreements and support the process of their making;
- Advice on compliance with labor legislation termination of the employee;
- Legal aid in resolving conflicts with trade union bodies;
- Development work rules, the provision of personnel, labor job description, the position of motivation;
- Providing legal support staff layoffs due to reorganization of enterprises, including due to redundancy or number of employees;
- Actions related to obtaining work permits for foreigners and stateless persons in Ukraine, as well as registration of labor contracts with them.

Drafting employment contracts

The beginning of the employment relationship is an employment contract. A special form of employment contract is a contract in which its validity, rights, duties and responsibilities of the parties (including financial) conditions and financial security of employees, termination of the contract conditions, including early, may be established by agreement. Thus the scope of the employment contract is limited and determined by the laws of Ukraine.
The lawyers of the firm "Praves" prepared to provide the following services:
- Drafting of labor contracts according to law and your interests;
- Consultations on registration of labor relations (orders and statements of employment / transfer / movement, the establishment of the probationary period, the list of documents required for an employment agreement (contract), etc.);
- Preparation of draft orders and applications for employment / transfer / movement with the establishment of the probationary period, subject to limitations teamwork relatives, etc.);
- Consulting and legal support employment of foreigners and stateless persons (preparation of applications for work permits, the rationale for this is professionals, representing employers in the State Employment Service of the Ministry of Labour and Social Policy);
- Consultation and preparation of documents required for registration and de-registration of labor contracts and representation in public service employment in the registration and de-registration of labor contracts.

The service cost is from 500 UAH.

Drawing up collective agreements

Collective Agreement - an agreement of various interest parties (the collective of workers and the owner or authorized body to regulate production, labor, social and economic relations, including: changes in production and labor, productive employment, rationing and wages, setting forms , system, wages and other labor benefits (bonuses, allowances, bonuses, etc.), establishing security, compensation, benefits, participation of labor collective in the formation, distribution and use of profit enterprise, institution, organization (if required by statute) , setting mode, hours of work and rest, the conditions of labor, provision of housing and community, cultural, health care, of rehabilitation and recreation workers, guarantees of trade union or other representative organizations of workers, conditions regulating payroll and installation mizhkvalifikatsiynyh (mizhposadovyh ) ratios in pay; equal rights and opportunities for women and men.

Since the collective agreement contains not only rights but also establishes mutual obligations and responsibilities to the parties, it is important to reach agreement in all its terms. The agreement reached in collective bargaining and negotiations, as you know, hard work and very time consuming.
Therefore, the lawyers of the law firm "Praves" ready to minimize your problems with this process, and provide professional and timely assistance in drafting and collective bargaining, namely:
- Preparation of the main part of the text;
- Development of individual annexes, including the Regulations on bonuses on the basis of financial and economic activity for the month and for the year (base and trim bonuses, reasonable criteria for bonuses and depremiyuvannya (conditions increase and decrease the size of the prize), conditions are not paying premiums, the list of critical for the enterprise work (tasks) positions with irregular working hours, positions, employees are entitled to free of personal protective equipment, positions, employees are entitled to free additional personal protection, jobs, professions and positions, employment of workers which entitlement to benefits and compensation for work in hazardous and difficult working conditions, as well as the special nature of the work and so on;
- Registration of the collective agreement;
- Changes and additions to the collective agreement;
- Registration of amendments to the collective agreement;
- Representing the company on execution and registration of a collective agreement.

The service cost is from 1000 UAH.

Protection of workers' interests

The goal of labor legislation of Ukraine is to establish state guarantees of labor rights and freedoms, creating favorable working conditions, protection of rights and interests of workers and employers. The primary means of protecting human rights and freedoms in Ukraine are:
- Individual protection (self-defense workers of their labor rights and interests);
- Collective Protection (protection of labor rights and interests of workers trade unions, collective agreements and collective agreements for consideration by individual and collective labor disputes);
- State protection (judicial protection of labor rights and interests of workers, government supervision and control over compliance with labor legislation).
Our company offers the following services:
- Legal examination of labor contracts and development projects of new labor agreements that take into account is your position;
- Advice on all aspects of employment law, including on dismissal for various reasons;
- Representing employee to Claim stage settlement of labor disputes, negotiations with the employer for the employee;
- Appeal against the illegal actions of the employer in the state and regulatory bodies;
- Assistance in the preparation and filing lawsuits on labor disputes, representation in court employee, including and without his participation.
- Appeal in appeal and cassation rulings on labor disputes;
- Participation of a lawyer in the enforcement of the judgment, violation enforcement, interaction with public performers.

The service cost is 2500 UAH. + 1000 UAH. (Judicial day)
Representation of interests of the employer
In practice, the employment relationship is often controversial. Sometimes the situation is so acute, that the parties reaching compromise appeal to the court. Legal proceedings are often time consuming for both parties and can result in significant financial losses for the image or the employer.

Our company offers the following services:
- Advice on problems of application of labor laws, preparation of legal opinions and memorandums
- Preparation and coordination of contracts
- Project development and coordination of internal company documents (internal regulations, job descriptions, regulations on structural units, etc.)
- Legal audit of labor relations in the enterprise
- Pre-trial settlement of disputes with employees;
- Representing employers in disputes with the regulatory authorities and other actors of labor relations;
- Representing the employer in the executive service;
- Representing employers in the negotiation process;
- Representing the employer in court proceedings;
- Appeal rulings and decisions of the court;
- Preparation of the settlement agreement;
- Other services in the field of labor law.

The service cost is 2500 UAH. + 1000 UAH. (Judicial day)
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